All About Private Equity In The UAE

Investments Of Private Capital

How the economy and many other things affect small and large companies, many would like to know. If you are also interested, you can look at Private Equity in UAE.

The global economy has slowed down significantly, which has affected everything, including Private Equity in the UAE. The United Arab Emirates is a leading force in the world of private equity. However, investor confidence in regional companies has decreased a lot.

Due to the political situation all over the world, all investors have become very cautious and have started making selections, as have fund managers. That’s why a negotiated fundraising approach is now mostly used.

Private Equity in UAE

Sectors such as fitness, education, retail, tourism, healthcare have begun to provide opportunities for added value. Sectors such as telecommunications, media and technology have a tendency for increasing capital investment.

Private capital is most often invested in infrastructure and development in well-known companies. Private capital funds receive funds from pension funds, from insurance companies, from banks, from government institutions and from companies. These funds are also filled with funds from successful local companies.

As there is no federal income tax law in the United Arab Emirates, individual Emirates income taxes apply. Therefore, income taxes are not charged. Corporate taxes are collected from branches of foreign banks and courier companies. Taxes are also mandatory for the owners of oil concessions at the rates that have been contracted. There is no personal income tax.

Only a qualified sponsor can establish a local mutual fund. These include companies that are licensed by the securities administration or for fund management, local and foreign banks and branches of foreign companies.

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