Custom Metal Roofing

The Benefits of Custom Metal Roofing

Installing a new roof might be the last thing in the mind of a new home buyer or homeowner, but there are a few important things to bear in mind when it comes to it. Custom metal roofing might be just what your house needs to make it look better than ever, increase its value, and even save money on maintenance. That being said, let us take a closer look at the benefits of custom metal roofing:

1. Metal roofing calls for minimal maintenance and can last over three decades. On average, homeowners spend between 1 and 4 percent of a property’s value on maintenance per year. As such, installing a metal roof will save you a substantial amount of money as opposed to other materials.

2. Metal roofs withstand the strongest of winds. Wind damage can easily set you back $10,000. And so, it is worth considering custom metal roofing as it can protect you from a financial catastrophe.

Custom Metal Roofing

3. Metal roofing prevents excessive water damage. These damages can set you back over $2000 on average to repair.

4. Fire and smoke damage do not affect metal roofs as such compared to other materials. On average, fire damage costs about $4000 per year to repair, and so, you will be saving a substantial amount of money.

5. Reduce energy costs. A metal roof can cool the interior of your house by up to 20 percent and minimize cooling demand. Around 40 percent of a property’s heat loss comes from heat escaping through the attic, and a metal roof is ideal for preventing that.

6. Although they can last for decades, metal roofs are also 100 percent recyclable. This is a huge benefit, especially in this day and age where conservation and recycling are of major concern.

These are the primary benefits of getting a custom metal roof.

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