Survival Clothing

Finding Survival Clothing

If you’re in the market for survival clothing, there are many great options that you have to procure such clothing. First, you’ll want to determine the right type of clothing for your survival situation. What time of year is it? Is it winter, summer, spring, or fall? Knowing the exact type of clothing will go far in helping you in your quest for the right type of clothing. Most people choose to layer their clothing so that regardless of the season, they can add or remove clothing to ensure the proper protection from the elements.

Survival Clothing

Thrift Stores offer many unique opportunities for such clothing. It’s affordable and easy to browse the racks and choose comfortable clothing that will protect you from the elements and allow you plenty of freedom of movement. Such clothing should also blend in well with the surroundings.

You can also find such clothing at surplus stores. Here they will have a selection of military surplus clothing. These typically boast many pockets and methods in which you can secure weapons or other quality items that may be required in an emergency situation.

Many people find that they have great clothing in their closets and all they have to do is cull their closet to find ideal clothing for such purposes. Keep in mind that there may be the requirement to blend into surroundings, hide weapons on your body, or other important features such as the ability to stash some important items into pockets in a bug-out situation.

Not all clothing is made equal so keep in mind your end goals when searching for survival clothing. Focus on durability, blend-ability (can you blend into your surroundings?), and how much you can pack into your pockets in an emergent situation before you choose any specific items for your survival needs.

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