Walter Soriano USG

Walter Soriano USG

Overview Of Walter Soriano USG

Born in the country of Argentina, Walter Soriano had a whirlwind of a life that involved working with security companies and interacting with intelligence gathering networks. He was part of the military intelligence-gathering process, in part because of the company that he started called USG. It was this company that forms the basis for what he would do later on. It was what he was known for, and that was because of who he worked with and what he tried to accomplish. Here’s a quick overview of the Walter Soriano USG company that played a vital role in many security-related incidents.

Walter Soriano USG

What Is The Universe Security Group?

Also referred to as the USG, this was something that Walter created. It was initially designed to certify certain security plans that were related to shipping and the use of ports. This occurred after he had been working in London, where he initially set up the USG. This company had a Board of Directors and worked with countries like Belgium and Russia. He was also involved in forcing certain legal issues related to gambling and played a large role in reforming cybersecurity on the web.

What Is He Doing Today?

His efforts with USG led to looking into corruption and private projects which were related to the elections in the United States. Along with his desire to help and cyberbullying, he has worked with individuals that could pass legislation for this purpose. Now a Board of Directors member for another business, he is focused highly on anti-corruption services. He is working directly with different governments and companies that are intending to end corruption, cyberbullying, and many other pertinent topics. Walter Soriano USG is where it all began, and due to his efforts, he has contributed to the way that we interact today on the web in a large way.

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